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Automatic Gripping Type Case Packer for Plastic Bottles

Independently designed and produced by our company, the equipment is a case packer that adopts pneumatic+electric running and case packing mode. It has such advantages as compact structure, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, stable running and convenient operation. The driving unit is symmetrical double rockers, which are driven by Japanese MITSUBISHI servo or three-phase asynchronous motor with stable running.

Product Detail

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Disclosed is a product case packing system with a gripping head assembly and a packaging grid assembly linked by a coordination arm that synchronizes the delivery of the product to be packaged and with the positioning of the grid assembly into the packaging container. The system includes a gripper head assembly extension control module, capable of controlling multiple travel distances of the gripper head assembly in a single packing cycle, a product assembly detection module, and a packaging release control element for subtle separation of individual packed containers.

Product Attributes

Model NO.
Automatic Grade
600-2000 Case/Hour
About 1500kg


1. A wide range of different models to handle the packaging of different kinds of bottles for the Soft Drink or any other container that needs to be packed.
2. Servo Motor with high response motion controllers ensure accuracy and high speeds performance of the SUNRISE machine.
3. Machine has an interactive touch screen and PLC for production information & Trouble shooting.
4. Various combinations of Gripper heads can be used to lift different objects.
5. An option of auto carton Erectors or carton sealers are possible to be attached in line.
6. The Most common Bottle Gripper Tulip used has a Specialized PU cup which Collapses with Air Pressure and firmly grips the bottles, it has a very high reliability and long life.


Item Parameter
Apply Bottle PET bottle, glass bottle
Apply Carton Molded corrugated carton
Bottle Arrangement According to packaging mode
Gripper Sets 2 Sets/3 Sets/4 Sets/5 Sets
Bottle Arrangement Two-range or three-range can be adjusted according to packaging products
Power Consumption AC380V/50HZ, 3 Phase, 5.5KW
Air Consumption 0.6Mpa≤Pressure≤0.8Mpa;1200L/Min


Package the bottles in the cartons, the gripping case packer is the necessary machinery of the beverage filling production line.


Gripping case packer in PET bottle juice filling production line.



Gripping case packer in PET bottle juice filling line.


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