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  • 20092009

    Larva -- the embryonic form of a company. In 2009, the senior management of the company started business in Langfang Gu County, focusing on the market development of semi-automatic cans packing machine.

  • 20112011

    Silkworm Pupa - company was established. In 2011, the company was established in Langfang Anci District, the establishment of the brand SUNRISE. Focus on the development and production of high-speed cans production line.

  • 20142014

    In 2014, a RESEARCH and development team for Aseptic cold filling of PET bottles was established. In the same year, T.Line Technology Co., LTD., established an "Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base" with Hunan University.

  • 20152015

    The international Sales Department was established in 2015, and reached a cooperation with MEGA, the largest sardine can manufacturer in the Philippines, to install the whole line of 4 sardine cans.
    In the same year, Beijing SUNRISE Food Technology Co., Ltd. was established to provide customers with beverage formula selection.

  • 20162016

    In 2016, the company was divided into business divisions as a whole, and the backpacking Business Division took the lead to focus on the new industry application of existing products and the research and development of new products. In that year, Fuling Zhacai Group provided the process optimization plan for the whole line, and carried out automatic transformation and intelligent factory upgrade.

  • 20162016

    In the same year, Huizhou Yeliya signed aseptic line with SUNRISE and got market verification, the company has a bright future.

  • 20172017

    Break cocoon into butterfly -- new development of the company. In 2017, the companymoved to Siyang, and established a new company in Jiangsu: SUNRISE Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD., the company has entered a new stage of development.

  • 20182018

    In 2018, Nanjing R&D Center and Yunnan Office were established; Xinjiang SUNRISE and Kazakhstan office were established to form a service network covering five central Asian countries.

  • 20182018

    In the same year 2018, the new factory start to build.

  • 20202020

    Set up a trading company in 2020--Siyang Chida Import and export Trading Co., LTD. When the epidemic broke out, the company comprehensively helped fight the epidemic and produced automatic mask machines urgently needed in the market.

  • 20212021

    In 2021, the new modern factory area covering 80000 square meter will be put into use, and SUNRISE Food Industry (Jiangsu) Co., LTD was established. After continuous recognition by the market, the company's products cover cans production line, glass bottle production line and PET bottle water, beverage and PET bottle aseptic cold filling production line. At present, SURNISE intelligent equipment Co., LTD., T.Line Technology Co., Ltd. are subordinate to the group company Jiangsu Liudao Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., the company is thriving.