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After-sales service

SUNRISE is a modern enterprise specializing in beverage production and whole line engineering, which integrates technology research and development, product design, production and manufacture, and pre-sale after-sales service. According to after-sales service procedures and after-sale management rules and regulations, we ensure after-sales service and service quality, to achieve customer satisfaction. Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "integrity and honesty, respect for others, wholehearted service and eager to success", the company has a special engineering center and service department to conscientiously implement the relevant service work to meet the requirements of providing quality service to customers at home and abroad.

1. Installation and Debugging of Equipment

According to different production equipment, the engineering center appoints experienced professional technicians, engineers are responsible for installation and commissioning, according to the requirements of the contract, completing their work on schedule, and getting equipment acceptance of qualified into normal production.

2. Archival After-sales Service

After the installation and commissioning of the production equipment purchased by customers, all the relevant information will enter the special file service management system, the use and operation will be concerned by our company in time, with fast and timely service and regular return visit procedures.

3. After-sales Service Has a Standardized Management System

The company has a complete after-sales service management system, set up a standardized management system of after-sales service department, has specific standard requirements for the installation and commissioning of after-sales service personnel and after-sales service work for customers, including code of conduct, after-sales service process, conventional after-sales problem solving and handling, and regularly trains and studies after-sales service personnel on products and industry knowledge. Constantly improve the quality of after-sales service.

4. Service Time Commitment

Before the production equipment arrives at the customer plant, please make an appointment with the after-sales service department to arrive at the site. According to the requirements, engineers will arrive at the site on time. When the emergency situation in the operation of the equipment cannot be dealt with, it will be directly fed back to the company's after-sales service department. When notified, the company will make a timely response and deal with it. If you can't solve the problem, the company will arrive at the site in the fastest time to solve the problem. There is a system of accountability within the company, any engineer failing to solve customer problems in a timely manner, resulting in customer dissatisfaction or causing bad impact and loss to customers, the relevant after-sales personnel will bear a certain responsibility to be notified and fined.

5. Technical Training of Professionals

In order to ensure that the technical personnel of the customer can master the performance of the equipment and the operation and maintenance program, besides the on-site training, we can provide the customer with the training of the special technology within our company. According to the actual requirements, the customer will be invited to be trained at the beverage production experiment plant of our company, and the sample factory.

6. Supply of Spare Parts

Full supply of spare parts all the year round, quick handling of telephone mail order business at any time, overhaul accessories plan can be door-to-door service, for customers to save time and cost.

7. Regular Itinerant Service

According to the result of the research and the different requirement, we will arrange some visit to our customers so that we can solve the problems, which will be met during the running of the machines. We will improve ourselves always so that we can meet the requirement of our customers at any time. So please fill the service card carefully.

8. Undertake Large, Medium and Minor Repairs to Equipment

The company undertakes large, medium and small repairs, repair parts at the factory price with a discount of 5 percent, overhaul for 30 days, medium repair for 15 days, minor repair for 3 to 7 days.

9. Information Service

We will provide the latest trends of the packing industry to our customers so that you can now the development and the future of the beverage industry.

10. Quality Commitment

The equipment provided by SUNRISE is brand new, advanced and reliable, and meets the requirements of the process, and SUNRISE will provide one year as the guarantee from the date of delivery. (except as specially agreed upon in the contract)

11. Project After-sales Service and Personnel Training Plan

SUNRISE is the general contact party of the overall after-sales service, responsible for the overall after-sales service arrangement of the project, to solve the after-sale problems in the process of installation and commissioning, trial production and post-production.

In order to ensure that customer technicians can master the performance and operation and maintenance procedures of the equipment, our company provides the following training programs:

1) In the process of production, assembly and trial run of the project equipment, according to the needs of customers, we can arrange 1 or 2 technicians or operators to go to the company to carry out synchronous learning training (the company provides accommodation and Chinese food, the training cycle is generally 3 to 7 days).

2) In the installation and commissioning of the project equipment sent to the user site, the user provides at least one electrician and one fitter to assist in the installation and commissioning. During the construction process, ourcompany will carry on the training. The training cycle is usually 5 to 7 days during installation and construction.

3) In the commissioning and acceptance of project equipment, our company will communicate with users to carry out project system training, responsible for training production line operators, maintenance workers, electricians, so that they can fully master the equipment operation rules, maintenance, troubleshooting and other work. The training cycle is generally 2 to 4 days during debugging and receiving.

In order to ensure that the customer technical personnel can master the performance of the equipment and operation and maintenance procedures, in addition to on-site training, customers can be provided to our company to receive special technical training, or according to the actual needs will invite customers to our beverage production experimental factory, model factory to receive training. (the training cycle is generally 1 to 2 days during debugging and receiving periods)