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A Kind of Beverage Filling Called Aseptic Cold Filling

Aseptic packaging technology was born in the 1930s. At present, aseptic cold filling production of PET bottle completes sterilization and filling operation in the whole aseptic space to ensure that the whole process meets commercial aseptic requirements. Cold filling of beverage products under aseptic conditions, the parts of the equipment that may be contaminated by microorganisms are kept aseptic, without adding preservatives, and without sterilization process after filling and sealing. This technology can expand the beverage filling process and maintain the nutritional composition, flavor and color of beverage products, especially for some thermal sensitive drinks, and provide a wide range of space for diversified product appearance design and reducing the cost of PET bottles.


Advantages of the aseptic cold filling

Compared with other filling methods, aseptic cold filling has obvious advantages due to its unique process.
► 1. A wide range of applicable drinks, suitable for all liquid drinks, such as acid drinks, vegetable protein drinks, milk drinks...
► 2. Filling at room temperature can reduce the loss of nutrients due to high temperature, enrich the nutrition of the product, and preserve the original color and color of the beverage to a certain extent.
► 3. Wide types of applicable packaging materials can reduce the cost of packaging materials and improve the appearance diversity of packaging materials.
► 4. Aseptic filling technology can be used to fill aseptic materials into aseptic packaging containers in aseptic environment, so as to obtain the requirements of long shelf life at room temperature.
► 5. Effectively improve the market competitiveness of beverage manufacturers.
► 6. Aseptic filling machine can realize 28/38 mouth bottle type exchange, can add pulps, 72 hours without small cleaning.

In-depth research and development of SUNRISE aseptic cold filling

With consumers' increasingly high requirements for beverage safety, nutrition and taste, the country has paid more attention to food safety, and the beverage market has been gradually transformed, which has also brought about changes in the entire beverage production process.This is where aseptic cold filling comes in.

Seizing the opportunities and challenges, SUNRISE started the research and development of aseptic cold filling technology in 2014, and continued to increase the investment in research and development, and continuously innovate aseptic cold filling technology.From the first generation of 15000BPH production capacity to 30000BPH high speed and higher production capacity, SUNRISE has always been on the road of aseptic cold filling technology, through advanced technology, excellent quality, perfect service to attract the attention of new and old customers.

Post time: Sep-02-2022