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How to Choose the Filling Equipment at the Production Line

The weather is getting hotter, and the consumption season of bottled beverages is coming. In order to meet the diversified consumer demands of consumers, many new products in the food and beverage industry have also been launched. Looking at beverage production itself, liquid filling machines cannot be ignored as an important type of beverage machinery, so in the context of increasingly fierce competition in the beverage market, how to choose suitable filling equipment?




Generally speaking, the choice of beverage filling equipment is based on the needs of manufacturers. For example, what the type of drinks is being produced; what are the requirements for filling containers, whether to choose glass bottles, plastic bottles or tin cans and so on; how about production scale and capacity demand; What are the automation requirements for filling equipment and so on. These production factors will affect the choice of filling equipment. As well as according to the production workshop can be placed filling equipment space, so as to choose single-machine or all-in-one machine.




In beverage production and processing, the beverage filling machine used in a certain extent, actually belongs to a large category. For instance, for fruit juice drinks with fruit granules, the plunger filling machine is often used for quantitative and accurate fruit filling, and then the liquid filling machine is used to complete the fruit juice filling, so as to form a complete bottle of fruit juice drinks. With respect to liquid products with strong fluidity, such as mineral water, tea drinks, energy drinks, etc., high flowmeter filling machine can be directly selected for processing, with high automation and high efficiency. For all kinds of gas-containing drinks that are very popular in recent years, mechanical valve gas-containing filling machine, flowmeter gas-containing filling machine and so on play an important role.

Of course, corresponding manufacturers can carry out simple measurement and selection according to the above criteria in the early stage. Specific decisions should be made after further communication and understanding with machinery manufacturers in the actual selection, so as to ensure that filling machines and other equipment can play their role. However, as consumers attach more importance to the quality and safety level of food and beverage, it is necessary to speed up the transformation of old and new kinetic energy of mechanical equipment at the production end, which is of great significance to improve the quality and efficiency of the beverage industry.

Post time: Oct-17-2022