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IMA DAIRY & FOOD takes over North American sales and marketing for blow molding equipment specialist AlphaMAC.

Leominster, Massachusetts – IMA DAIRY & FOOD USA – whose equipment solutions comprise the long-established brands Gasti, Hamba, Hassia, Fillshape, Corazza, Erca, and Intecma – has assumed sales, marketing, and service responsibilities for extrusion blow mold machinery supplier AlphaMAC.
In North America, AlphaMAC devices will meet the growing demand for modern, reliable and energy efficient devices. For example, one company currently owns 80% of the US extrusion blow molding machine (EBM) market for HDPE bottles for refrigerated and aseptic dairy products. The machines, which average about 25 years old, use about 50 percent more energy than the all-electric AlphaMAC machines, which do not run on hydraulic fluid and therefore consume no energy at idle.
In addition, the age of most EBM machines in the North American market means they lack remote assistance capabilities, resulting in higher than necessary maintenance costs and labor-intensive requirements. With the support of IMA Dairy & Food USA, AlphaMAC’s line will have the technology and personnel support to close these longstanding gaps.
The AlphaMAC product range includes complete specialized lines for the production of plastic containers, secondary packaging and quality assurance. Solutions include:
“As the industry-wide push for more sustainable food & beverage packaging solutions continues, the North American liquid dairy sector is one where eco-conscious upgrades are overdue,” said Patrick Carroll, President of IMA Dairy & Food USA.
AlphaMAC’s management and technical team has over 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing extrusion blow molding equipment and production lines, with over 2,000 machines sold in 61 countries. AlphaMACc EBM machines are widely recognized for their efficiency and low total cost of ownership.

Post time: Nov-23-2022