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Sunrise Aseptic Production Line to Reach New Cooperation, Help Hebei Ai’ziran Make Health and Good Drinks

Autumn, the most exciting is the harvest. Another success for Sunrise is the aseptic line project. Sunrise successfully signed the aseptic cold filling production line project with Ai’ZiRan (Hebei) Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to help it produce healthy and good drinks.


Ai’ZiRan (Hebei) Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

With the booming development of beverage market, it has attracted many capital investment. Founded in early 2021, Ai’ZiRan (Hebei) Food Technology Co., Ltd. mainly provides OEM services of milk drinks, fruit drinks, tea drinks, vegetable protein drinks and other beverage products. The company strongly pursues to provide perfect production and manufacturing services for beverage distributors, and is committed to building a OEM base in the north of the beverage industry.

In-depth communication to overcome difficulties

Aseptic cold filling production line has become the general trend of beverage production enterprises in the face of the diversified demand of beverage ingredients and packaging and the rising cost of beverage raw materials and packaging materials. In October 2021, hebei Ai’ZiRan senior management team visited the factory of Sunrise, accompanied by the senior leaders of Sunrise. The two sides had in-depth communication on the technical parameters of aseptic line, product market positioning and other topics. For the equipment performance, technical difficulties and other problems raised by customers, Sunrise concentrated on overcoming difficulties and gave customers a satisfactory answer.

Aseptic cold filling production line

Aseptic cold filling production line, as the main product of Sunrise in recent years, has reached the advanced level in terms of technology, performance, quality and other aspects, and has been recognized by customers. This aseptic cold filling production line includes aseptic blowing filling and capping combi and back-end packaging equipment, which can meet customers' aseptic filling of milk drinks, acid drinks, vegetable protein drinks and other products. Modular design, more convenient operation; Non-contact filling, ensure aseptic filling; Flow meter to ensure accurate filling; Without adding any preservatives, retain the taste, flavor and color of the beverage to the greatest extent; No small cleaning for 72 hours, saving factory cost; The application of online product inspecting equipment to achieve intelligent factory.

Quality together to create brilliant

The cooperation with hebei Ai’ZiRan is a full affirmation of Sunrise aseptic cold filling production line. Facing the wide market of aseptic cold filling production line, Sunrise will continue to pay attention to product quality and also the actual needs of customers, and create more value for customers. In the future, Sunrise will work with new and old customers to create brilliant.

Post time: Sep-01-2022