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Visual Online Inspection of Food and Beverage Production Line

With more and more strict and standardized requirements for market circulation products, the demand for diversity of food and beverage packaging is gradually increasing. The outer packaging design of products also emerges in an endless stream, such as product labeling, inkjet code, bottle shape and so on, which have become a kind of ubiquitous logo in our life. They carry various product information of goods. More and more attention has been paid to the defect detection, coding detection and label detection of product packaging appearance. The existing production line mostly adopts manual inspection, which has low efficiency and poor reliability, leading to a series of problems such as unstable product quality, high rate of defective products, high production labor and after-sales costs, and damaged brand image.




Machine vision system is to use machines instead of human eyes to do all kinds of measurement and judgment. It is an important branch of computer science. It integrates the technology of optical, mechanical and electronic computer software and hardware, involving computer image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, signal processing, optical-electro-mechanical integration and other fields.The rapid development of image processing and pattern recognition technology has also greatly promoted the development of machine vision, which has immeasurable value in the function of detecting defects and preventing defective products from being distributed to consumers.




Relying on the mature machine vision system, the company’s research and development of food and beverage production line online visual inspection equipment covers: capping, fill level and coding inspection machine, code inspector, aluminum film sealing machine, bottle preform mouth detection machine, labeling checker machine, empty can detector, empty glass bottles inspection machine. At the same time, according to customer needs, to provide customized visual inspection system services.

Machine vision detection technology is mainly to improve the accuracy, automation level and flexibility of product detection in the production line, which can effectively help enterprises reduce labor costs and ensure the safety of employees with dangerous operations.

Post time: Oct-17-2022