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Automatic Hot Glue One Piece Wraparound Case Packer for Cans

Case packing equipment helps you be more productive by packing products quickly and efficiently. SUNRISE offers drop packers, gripper case packers, case erectors and case sealers. The bottles are transported by conveyor, and be inspected and arranged according to the programmed process, after finishing complete carton arrangement, the cardboard supplying mechanism will send the cardboard into the machine, and the bottle dropping mechanism will drop the bottles into the cardboard, and then the cardboard folding mechanism will fold the cardboard, glue it and seal it step by step. The formed the carton will be send out of the machine by the roller, which improves the production efficiency and realize fully automatic manless production.

Product Detail

Product Tags


The machine has a mesh belt conveyor that can arrange the products neatly into six rows, five rows, or four rows (changing according to different packaging ways). Paper is stacked at another place. Use the robotic arm principle to pull the paper downwards and push it forward by using rollers. When the paper and products reach the positioning point, through swaying to the left and right, the pushing mechanism makes the products lightly drop onto the paper. There is a group of cylinders at the bottom of paper. The sucking discs will pull the paper and products downwards for forming. After forming, the chain conveys them forward. The advancing action is carried out repetitively. After the case is formed, every time it moves forward, glue spraying and gluing actions will be carried out, and it will be pushed forward to the conveyor belt. Then the action of stacking on the pallet is carried out. Pop cans adopt the bottle feeding mode assisted by the rocker, and plastic bottles adopt the bottle feeding mode assisted by the automatic bottle distributor.

Product Attributes

Model NO.
Sealing Carton with Hot-Melt
35 Case/Min
Power Supply
AC 380V/50Hz, 3 Phase
Control Power
AC 220V/50Hz & DC24V, Single Phase
Compressed Air Pressure
6.0 Kg/Cm²
Air Consumption
Packing Material
Slice Type Corrugated Paper


Can add foams inside


Type Slice type carton packing machine, sealing carton with hot-melt adhesive
Capacity 35 case/min (Add foam is 32 case/min; without foam is 35 case/min)
Power Supply AC 380V/50HZ, 3 Phase
Control Power AC 220V/50HZ & DC24V, Single Phase
Total Power 9.37KW
Compressed Air Pressure ≥6.0 KG/CM²
Air Consumption 1000L/Min
Packing Material Slice type corrugated paper


Put the containers such as cans,bottle into the cases


NORDSON hot melt glue machine


Case packer in cans production line


Case packer in bottles production line



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