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Sunrise Automatic Industrial Robot Palletizer for Beverage Production Line

With rising costs of labor, a need for safe working environments, and maintaining operations with the latest cutting-edge technology, a robotic palletizing system is a smart option to increase accuracy, reliability and efficiency. Robot palletizers are highly customizable to suit a variety of product types and applications, as well as multiple infeed and discharge layouts to fit your requirements.

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A robotic palletizer can handle one or more units at a time according to pallet configuration, and forms multiple layers on a pallet after picking the products off of a conveyor. Robotic palletizing solutions can easily accommodate different pallet patterns and product types.

Product Attributes

Model NO.
Box Size
Customizable (L*W*H)
Box Weight
Customizable (Kg)
Single Line Production Speed
Customizable (Box / Min)
Stacking Mode
Tray Size
Standard (L1200*W1000*H150mm), or Customizable
Working Hours
20 Hours / Day
Working Environment Temperature
Relative Humidity
Failure Rate of Products
≤1/10000/ Hour


Powerful: The palletizers from SUNRISE are among the fastest palletizers on the market – while also offering utmost precision and repeatability. With their streamlined, lightweight design, palletizing robots achieve greater dynamic performance, shorter cycle times and higher throughput of stacking of pallets, boxes or bags.

Versatile: Our palletizers come with a wide range of different payload capacities, reaches and special variants, ensuring that you will always find the right solution, no matter how challenging the palletizing task. All interfaces and energy supply systems are designed for versatility.

Compact: The compact and streamlined design of all palletizing robots enables quick and easy integration into existing systems. Their low disruptive contours extend the effectively usable workspace and allow innovative cell concepts.

Minimal maintenance: All components of the palletizers are equipped with low-wear drive trains. Thanks to their advanced and robust design, they have extremely long maintenance intervals – with an availability of 99.995 percent and maximum energy efficiency.


Unlike conventional layer palletizers, a palletizing robot can easily handle mixed pallets with products of various sizes and shapes. As long as the arrangement of products on the pallet will be secure during transit, you can almost certainly achieve your chosen palletizing task with a robot.


Automatic robot palletizer in PET bottle mineral water filling production line.


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