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Inkjet Printing Machine of Small Character Coding System

Coding machine is a kind of equipment which is controlled by software and uses non-contact method to mark the date on the product and mainly concentrated in beverage, beer, mineral water and other industries. From the printing machine used to classify consumables: one is inkjet printing machine; another is non – ink coding machine (laser coding machine).

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Brand: Sunrise Intelligent Equipment
Customized: Yes
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Application: PET,glass bottle and cans liquid beverage production line

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Product Details


Inkjet printer is a concise and efficient small character inkjet printer, high availability, specially tailored for products to improve production efficiency, can ensure the accuracy of each product inkjet.


The inkjet printer can reduce the consumption of consumables and energy consumption to reduce the related waste. It is easy to set up the printed information and protect the information. The online guidance system in the selected language will guide you through the steps to ensure that the required logo information is printed.


Technical Parameters

Print characteristics
▶ Single print head
▶ G print head (print resolution: 71 dpi)
▶ Up to 5 lines can be printed
▶ Printing speed: single line can reach 4.6 m/s; print 3 lines of numbers and letters, the fastest can reach 60 m/min
▶ Multi-line message font height: 5 points to 32 points
▶ Character height: 1.5 to 11 mm
▶ Various 1D and 2D barcodes to choose from (EAN8/EAN13/UPCA/UPCE barcode, code 39, interleaved 2 of 5, Datamatrix and QR code)
▶ Multiple language characters to choose from (Latin, Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Chinese,
Korean, etc.)

▶ Information base (up to 100 messages)
▶ Universal human-machine interface, available in multiple languages
▶ WYSIWYG 7" touchscreen: Displays the remaining printable hours and amount of information in real time; integrated assist and
Alarm system; simplified information printing and management; user profile creation
▶ USB and SD ports
▶ Inkjet speed control ensures marking quality
▶ Automatic font selection based on marking speed and printing distance
▶ Wide range of inks to choose from: multi-purpose, high-performance inks; ketone-free inks
▶ 0.8L sealed ink tank with foolproof function
▶ Quick links to accessories (sensors, warning lights, encoders, etc.)
▶ Ethernet interface
▶ Specific date management (rounding date function)

Other characteristics
▶ Weight:25 kg
▶ Desktop installation or vertical installation
▶ Ultra-soft 3 m long soft hose
▶ Full stainless steel chassis and print head cover
▶ Dust / moisture proof protection rating: IP55
▶ operating temperature range :0 to 40°C(Depends on the ink used)
▶ humidity :No condensation occurred from 10% to 90%
▶ power:100-120 V or 200-240 V, with automatic switching; frequency: 50 / 60 Hz; power: 60 VA

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